What do we need to bring?

  • Food and beverage (please no glass bottles.)
  • Jacket
  • Sunblock (lotion type is preferred)
  • Cooler-to transport your fish
  • Sunglasses

Is seasickness common?

The odds seem to be about one in ten passengers get seasick. If you are prone to seasickness try taking seasick pills or your doctor can prescribe a patch. It might be useful to take the pill the night before and again before the charter.

How old must you be?

There is no set age. Children under 7 must wear a life jacket at all times.

How can I write this off on taxes?

Yes. There are special tax deductions for team and morale building and work related activities

How do I get to the boat?

Address1125 Ala Moana blvd Honolulu Hawaii . Just west of Ala Moana beach park. The name of the harbor is: Kewalo Basin – Slip “M”.

How should I tip the crew?

The crew is considered to be in the service industry almost the same as a waiter or waitress. As they perform, base your tip on their service and their attentiveness to you and your groups needs.

What is your fish policy?

Through out the years the fish policy of Kewalo Basin has became the standard and most companies are the same. Clients are entitled to 50% up to fifty pounds of fish. Fifty pounds is a lot of fish! Fish over 100 pounds will not be cut. The reason for this is that through out the years people typically want a  five to ten pounds of fish,but not all the fish. The left over fish is commonly sold at the fish market. With the selling of fish becoming common, charter companies have used this income to lower prices. The outcome has is better rates for the angler. The reason for the 100 pound rule is that once a large fish is cut it is no longer able to be sold at a fair price. 50 pounds out of a 500 pound fish is a lot of waste. Continued on the Next Page: “Fish Policy”.

Do we cater?

Yes, Catering is available upon request. However advanced notice is required.

What is the best time to fish?

We fish all year round, although specific fish do have their seasonal ups and downs, its very rare that fish aren’t being caught. Marlin do have season that they are larger. they are caught here year round.

Can we bottom fish?

Yes, it can be arranged.

Is sport fishing child friendly?

Yes, sport fishing is great for family activities. There are ways to target smaller fish for children.

Can we fish for shark?

Yes, night shark fishing tours can be arranged.

Can we charter for Friday fireworks?

Yes, group fire works charters are available. Call for pricing

Can we get our catch mounted?

Yes, Catches can be mounted just inform the crew and they can handle the weighing, measuring, and photography needed for mount. Bill mount are available also these are typically the bill of the fish or replica mounted to a backing with plaque and description.


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